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Josephine Wall is an English born artist who currently

resides in the seaside community of Dorset, England.


She specializes in mystical, surreal-like, fantasy paintings.

She often strives to impart a message in her

scenes, she also hopes to inspire in her audience, a personal

journey into the magical world of their own

imagination. Enchanting and detailed images cascade freely

from her fertile imagination in an endless flow of ideas.

Jo Wall mostly works with acrylic paint, which allows her to paint

quickly and to create many textured and colorful effects. She has been

influenced and inspired by the illustrative talents of Arthur Rackham, the

surrealism of artists such as Magritte and the romanticism of the

pre-Raphaelites. This combined with her own imaginative ideas,

has led to a wide and varied range of work.


"The art of painting is more than a career to me," she says. I

t's an all consuming obsession and a love of

color and form. "In fact if I am away from my easel for too long

I become restless and anxious to paint again.


" Josephine Wall is also an accomplished sculptor and has

created a number of unique figurines. Using natural stones she

finds locally, various modeling materials and semi-precious stones

she creates designs that challenge the viewer to find the point where the stone ends and begins.


Jo Wall has an amazing passion for light, color and visual story-telling.

The images created on canvas are so intricate and intertwined with color

and story that it can take many viewings of a completed work of art to see

all that is built into the scenes. Josephine is a gracious and gifted artist whose perception of the world is without limitations. She asks, "Why not?"

Therefore, she can see many possibilities and expresses the sincere

enthusiasm she has for life in her work. The life of a painter was clearly her destiny!For more information about

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